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Astonished Punter Wins USD 1 Million With Lucky Dip Ticket

An astonished punter has scooped a USD 1 million fortune after letting a lucky dip programme choose his numbers for him.

Photo shows Jonathan Bulmer, undated. The man from Chester, New Hampshire won $1 million prize on a Powerball ticket. (Massachusetts Lottery/Newsflash)

Jonathan Bulmer from Chester, in the US state of New Hampshire, scooped USD 1 million (GBP 818,685) after matching five numbers on a Powerball game.

One more match would have seen him walk away with a breathtaking USD 1.4 billion (GBP 1.1 billion) on 7th October.

Canny Jonathan told lottery officials that he usually only plays when he can see that there is a large jackpot to be won.

The Massachusets Lottery said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Bulmer is the second New Hampshire resident in the last five weeks to win a USD 1 million [GBP 818,685) prize on a ticket purchased in Massachusetts, joining a Hudson, New Hampshire resident who won their prize in the ‘USD 10,000,000 Gold’ instant ticket game.

“Bulmer purchased his winning ticket at A.L. Prime Energy, 2083 Bridge St. in Dracut. The store receives a USD 10,000 [GBP 8,188] bonus for its sale of this ticket.

“Dracut currently ranks 19th in calendar year 2023 lottery sales among all cities and towns in Massachusetts.

“Dracut is one of three municipalities in the top 20 that border New Hampshire, joining Haverhill and Methuen.”

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