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Cops Seize Sick Woman Who Filmed Herself Being Gratified By Dog

US cops have seized a sick woman who allegedly took snaps of a naked toddler for “sexual gratification” and filmed her pet dog as it performed “a sex act on her”.

Photo shows Stephanie Weir, undated. The woman, 33, from Tennessee was arrested for photographing nude toddler and filming her dog performing ‘a sex act on her’. (Shelby County Correctional Facility/Newsflash)

Suspected sex offender Stephanie Weir is charged with “sexual exploitation of minor”, “criminal offense against animals”, “especially aggravated sexual exploitation of minor”, and “aggravated unlawful photographing of minor”.

Weir, 33, was taken to the Shelby County Jail East Women’s Facility in Memphis, Tennessee, on 25th July, where she remained on remand at the time of writing.

The investigation into her began on 18th May, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children contacted the Memphis Police Department about a cloud user who had saved “apparent child pornography”.

The flagged image showed a “child in a lascivious pose nude”, according to reports.

Detectives traced the account to Weir and soon discovered it was one of many sick images in her possession.

The police said that among her files were clips of adults sexually abusing children and images of naked children posing in a “sexual manner”.

One of her videos, the police said, showed the suspect “having her dog perform a sex act on her”.

During questioning, Weir confessed to the accusations against her, including the sex act with the dog.

She also admitted she had taken a picture of a naked toddler and sent it to another person for “sexual gratification”.

She has a court hearing scheduled for 31st July.

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