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Crook Arrested After Returning To Store He Robbed Two Years Ago And Stealing Again Twice In Two Days

A crook has been arrested after he returned to a shop he robbed two years ago, and stole cash from the register not once but twice in a matter of two days.

Photo shows Matthew Pringle, 31, undated. The Florida man blames ‘voices’ for robbing a Dollar General store in Ocala, twice in two days. (Marion County Sheriffs Office/Newsflash)

Matthew Pringle, 31, was placed in custody after he robbed the Dollar General variety store at 1200 W Highway 326 in the city of Ocala, in the US state of Florida, twice in 48 hours.

He reportedly claimed he was “hearing voices that were directing him to conduct the robberies” when he was arrested on Monday, 11th November.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies were first called to the location regarding a commercial robbery, on Sunday, 10th November.

The clerk told them that a man took cash from the register and left on foot. He also described the person’s appearance.

Cops said in a report that they saw a man matching the suspect’s description while heading to the store.

But when they tried to stop him, the suspect managed to escape.

When shown an image of Pringle, the employee recognised him and said he had also robbed the place two years ago.

The next day, the 31-year-old crook returned to the store and was recognised by an employee, who immediately tried to dial 911.

But Pringle reportedly grabbed the phone from his hand and took him to the ground, before fleeing on foot with an unknown amount of money from the register.

This time around, he was located and caught about a quarter-mile away.

Police said: “Pringle was detained, and after receiving a positive ID on Pringle, he was arrested.

“Pringle had also robbed the same Dollar General the previous day. He was transported to the Gold Star Hotel (jail).”

He was booked and charged with robbery, resisting an officer, and hindering, delaying, or preventing communication with a law enforcement officer of a crime in progress.

Pringle is currently held at Marion County Jail on a USD 54,000 (GBP 43,570) bond.

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