GATOR AID: Hero Cop’s Jawsome Rescue

This is the moment a brave cop grapples a 10-foot alligator by the jaws with his bare hands and releases it back into the wild.

The giant reptile was found on a family’s patio outside their house in Kingsland, Camden County, Georgia State on 29th June.

An alligator was found on a patio, in Kingsland, Georgia, USA, on 29th June. (@KingslandPD/Newsflash)

Nail-biting footage of Officer Thornton shows him standing astride the ‘gator.

The only thing keeping the beast’s powerful jaws shut are the officer’s hands, perilously close to rows of razor-sharp teeth.

As he drags the reptile down a slipway, the officer lets go and slides the alligator into a river.

Officer Thornton laughs as the reptile powers into the water with a vicious snap of its jaws.

Dale Taylor, who had been watching the grappling match, says “Oh yeah, she’s happy now.”

An alligator was found on a patio and caught to be returned to water, in Kingsland, Georgia, USA, on 29th June. (@KingslandPD/Newsflash)

The Kingsland Police Department said on 29th June: “One of our residents had an uninvited guest this morning!

“With the assistance of Dale Taylor from planning and zoning, Officer Thornton caught the ‘gator and released him or her in the St Marys River to enjoy the rest of their day.”

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