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Girl Buying Sweets Killed In Hit-And-Run By Couple Who Then Burned Car

A couple accused of trying to hide how a 12-year-old girl buying sweets for her birthday sleepover was killed by their car have been seized by police.

Photo shows the victim Samantha Briggs, undated. She was killed a day after her birthday in November 2022 in North Carolina. (CEN)

Victim Samantha Briggs died when a white Hyundai mowed her down on a trip to the shops in the city of Raleigh, in the US state of North Carolina on 25th November 2022, but the couple have only been arrested now, the police said.

Driver Blanca Iris De Mari Escobar-Roblero, 27, allegedly fled the scene after running Samantha down.

Then she called her husband Wilmer Morales-Roblero, 26, for help.

The husband allegedly drove the car to a remote location and set fire to it without ever reporting the crash.

The pair were arrested this week after an anonymous tip-off, the police said.

A statement Raleigh Police Department obtained by Newsflash said: “The Raleigh Police Department has made arrests in the fatal hit-and-run crash involving a juvenile near the 6500 block of Hillsborough Street on November 25, 2022.

“The arrests were made as a result of a tip that was generated by a recent information checkpoint that was conducted on May 12, 2023.”

Photo shows Blanca Iris de Mari Escobar-Roblero. She was taken into custody for allegedly killing the 12-year old Samantha Briggs in November, 2022 in North Carolina, just a day after her birthday. (Raleigh Police Department/CEN)

Blanca Escobar-Roblero is facing a charge of causing death by felony hit-and-run. and felony obstructing justice.

Her husband is charged with being a felony accessory after the fact in a felony hit-and-run plus felony obstructing justice.

Kishaa Holmes, Samantha’s sister, told local media that while the arrests will bring the family some closure, they will not give her back her sister.

She said: “The pain I feel is still unbearable.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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