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 Lucky Man Wins Astonishing USD 100,000 Lottery Prize After Quarrel Over Funk Music With Store Clerk

A lucky man in the USA has won an astonishing USD 100,000 on a lottery scratchcard after a quarrel over funk music with a store clerk.

Photo shows former Baltimore City police officer, Kenneth Matthew, undated. He won $100,000. (Maryland Lottery/Newsflash)

Kenneth Matthew from the city of Laurel, Maryland State, USA, said he would hear the soundtrack of the music variant known as go-go each time he went to the local Central Exxon gas station.

Not being very fond of the music, unlike the store’s employee, he said he would often have good-natured discussions about the genre with the clerk while buying USD 5 (GBP 4) Ravens X5 instant tickets.

Then one day, as the two discussed a ‘USD 100,000 (GBP 82,055) Ca$h scratch-off’, Kenneth recalled how the same cashier challenged him and said: “When you come in and buy that ticket, I’ll turn the go-go music off.”

That little bit of extra motivation was all it took and the former police officer bought the 30 (GBP 24) ticket.

He said: “It’s the first time I played that card.”

Kenneth then scratched the instant ticket and scanned it with the lottery app, believing he had won USD 1,000 (GBP 820).

He later told a friend about the lucky ticket, who gave it a quick glance and realised its true value.

Photo shows Central Exxon in Capitol Heights, undated. Former Baltimore City police officer, Kenneth Matthew, bought a ticket and won $100,000. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Matthew continued: “She said, ‘You know you won more than that.'”

He was left slack-jawed when he realized that the scratchcard was worth a hundred times more than what he initially thought.

The lucky player said: “It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing! My biggest win prior to this was USD 1,000 [GBP 820].”

Kenneth collected his prize at lottery headquarters in the city of Baltimore on Wednesday, 1st November.

He reportedly plans to use the money on his daughter’s college education.

The retailer at 6499 Central Avenue in the town of Capitol Heights where Kenneth bought the ticket will also benefit from his windfall and receive a USD 1,000 (GBP 820) bonus equal to one per cent of the prize.

Lottery representatives added: “The USD 100,000 [GBP 82,055] Ca$h game has been available since September and Kenneth’s big win is only the third of the game’s 65 top prizes claimed.

“The game also has 37 USD 5,000 [GBP 4,101] prizes and others ranging from USD 30 [GBP 24] to USD 500 [GBP 410].”

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