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Astonished Cops Find Stowaway Kitten In Patrol Car Engine Bay

This is the moment police in Indiana uncover a real-life road mog when they find a tiny kitten trapped in the engine bay of their patrol car.

State police officers were baffled when they heard a strange wailing coming from under the car’s bonnet while they were on duty in the town of Sellersburg, Indiana State, USA.

So they stopped at a local garage and asked the mechanic to check out what was causing the noise on 1st September.

Video footage shared by the department shows the officers reaching up from underneath the engine and saying: “Hang on, hang on. I got her! I got legs, hang on.”

As they pull the tiny cat out of the compartment, one of the officers takes it in his arms and says: “Here you go. Here you go. Good job.”

Photo shows Indiana State Police Officers rescuing a kitten. The animal climbed into the engine compartment of a patrol vehicle. (@ISPSellersburg/Newsflash)

He then attempts to put it in a cardboard box but takes it out seconds later and says: “Hey everybody, meet Dodge. She was found beneath the Dodge emblem on my car.

“She’s had a long journey. About an hour.”

Following the rescue, the department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Thankfully, we avoided a real CATastrophie today!

“Dodge and momma have been reunited, and everyone is doing just fine.

“Thankful for Trooper Nate Abbott and Sergeant Dave Miller for asking me why my car was meowing, and to our new D45 Mechanic, Danny for helping us find the best way out!”

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