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Cops And Locals Chase Runaway Pig Named Mr BaconBits

This funny video shows the moment cops and locals go on a wild chase after a potbellied pet pig went on the run around the neighbourhood.

Police were stunned to receive a complaint that a ‘daggum pig’ was giving neighbours a headache after it went on the loose in a suburb in the city of Louisville, Kentucky State, USA.

Louisville’s Metro Police Department 6th Division then rushed to the scene only to find a local struggling to keep up with the adventurous hog – named Mr BaconBits – on Wednesday, 28th June.

The department said in a Facebook post showing video footage of the chase that was obtained by Newsflash: “Just a couple of pigs chasing a pig!

“Ok, now we’ve seen it all. Imagine our surprise when we get on the scene, and that potbelly bad boy is running free as a bird!”

A woman in the video can be heard telling the officers upon arrival: “I don’t know whose pig it is.

“I’ve just been trying to keep it from getting hit.”

Image shows the police officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky State, USA, and the pig named Mr BaconBits, undated photo. The officers chased after the loose pig on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. (Louisville Metro Police Department/Newsflash)

The police officers then immediately tried to get a hold of Mr BaconBits, but two of them ended up tumbling to the ground after the four-legged fugitive avoided being captured.

Police said: “We tried using a hobble as a leash, but our new friend wasn’t having it. Neighbors even pitched in to help us with the chase! Everyone fell down, and everyone laughed . . . ahh, good times.

“Eventually, the oinker made his way to a backyard where we were able to put a dog pole on him.”

Mr BaconBits’ was finally loaded up a large dog crate – brought from his owner – after which he was sent home.

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