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Fuzzy Haired Man Left Phone At Scene After Torching Car Of Cousin Girlfriend

This fuzzy-haired man who left his phone at the scene of the crime has been taken into custody on suspicion of setting fire to a car that belonged to his former girlfriend, who also happened to be his cousin.

Photo shows Melvin Alain Cintron, undated. He was arrested on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 for torching car of then-girlfriend, whos also his cousin in North Miami, Florida in April 2023. (Miami Dade County/Newsflash)

Miami-Dade police apprehended Melvin Alain Cintron, a 37-year-old individual from Hollywood, in the US state of Florida, on Wednesday, 13th September, following allegations of setting a car ablaze in April this year.

The targeted vehicle belonged to the suspect’s former girlfriend, who also happened to be his cousin.

According to an arrest report, on 29th April, surveillance footage captured the suspect igniting a Jaguar XE sedan in front of a residence located along Northwest 120th Street and Fifth Avenue, near North Miami.

Additionally, it was reported that Cintron inadvertently left a mobile phone at the scene of the incident.

Law enforcement authorities established that the vehicle in question belonged to Cintron’s girlfriend and cousin.

However, they were unable to interview her until Monday, as their prior attempts to contact her over the intervening months had been unsuccessful.

The girlfriend initially provided false information to investigators, claiming that the car had caught fire while she was driving home. She cited her fear of potential repercussions from Cintron, who had her put her phone on speaker whenever she communicated with investigators, as her reason for providing inaccurate information, as indicated in the report.

She also disclosed to the police that she felt threatened by Cintron, partially due to his habit of carrying a fully automatic firearm equipped with a double-drum high-capacity magazine, which he reportedly referred to as the gun’s “t—–s” due to the two-round drums on the sides of the magazine.

Furthermore, she informed law enforcement that Cintron had stolen her purse and abandoned her at Miami’s Bayside Marketplace on a previous occasion, following an argument stemming from his suspicions of her flirting with a bartender.

The stolen purse contained various items, including USD 1,200 (GBP 967) in cash, according to police reports.

Subsequent to the issuance of a warrant on Monday, officers located Cintron outside a business located east of Hialeah and apprehended him at gunpoint on Wednesday.

As of Thursday afternoon, he remained in custody at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, with bail set at USD 12,500 (EUR 1,072). He faces charges of second-degree arson and third-degree grand theft.

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