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Cops Shut Down Busy Highway To Rescue Terrified Fawn

These images show police officers shutting down a busy highway in Ohio to rescue Bambi.

The body cam footage shows the terrified fawn hiding under the construction vehicle in the central reservation as busy traffic zooms by.

The video shows a police officer trying to catch the fawn but it proves elusive and continues to hide under the large construction vehicle, darting in and out just out of reach.

The video then shows the officer running after the fawn but he is unable to catch it, with them then reportedly shutting down the highway, bringing traffic to a stop.

The officer can then be seen nearly catching it, but it bleats and darts off in the opposite direction, with the cop then chasing the scared deer through traffic.

Photo shows the elusive fawn. Ohio state troopers stopped busy highway in Clermont County to rescue the animal. (Ohio State Highway Patrol/Newsflash)

The officer can then be seen crouching down to look under vehicles before a motorist tells him the deer has run further down the road.

The officer continues his chase, with colleagues then helping him to flush it out towards some woodland as the footage ends.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Ohio State Highway Patrol on 7th July saying: “Here’s a ‘tail’ for you.

“Earlier this week, troopers from our Batavia Post sprang into action to help a lost fawn in the median of state Route 32 in Clermont County.

“Everyone had to buck up, and after a team effort, this elusive fawn was safely directed into a nearby woodline.”

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