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Woman Faces 60 Years In Jail For Using Bear Pepper Spray On Sister And Baby In Parking Row

A young woman is facing 60 years behind bars after she used bear pepper spray on her adult sister and a one-year-old baby during an argument over a parking spot.

Photo shows Danica Chakira Hightower, undated. The Florida woman used a can of bear spray on her adult sister and a 1-year-old boy during an argument over a parking space. (Broward Sheriffs Office/Newsflash)

Danica Chakira Hightower, 19, was arrested after she took the ‘maximum strength’ bear mace and used it on the two victims at around 8.30pm, on Friday, 1st September.

The incident reportedly followed after Hightower and her sister argued over a parking space outside of the suspect’s flat in the 200 block of Southwest Third Street in the city of Deerfield Beach, Florida State, USA.

Cops from the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) said that the teenager got out of her car after she and her sister’s fight and used the nine-ounce can of Guard Alaska bear spray on the sibling.

As she continued spraying she also hit a 21-month-old toddler who was sitting in the car with his mum through the vehicle’s open window.

BSO Deputy Richard Attonito said in a police report: “Danica’s intentional act could reasonably be expected to result in injury to the child.”

He added: Upon my arrival I observed [redacted] holding [her son] who was in an extreme state of distress and suffering from the effects of being pepper sprayed.”

The alleged motive for the confrontation was a “verbal dispute outside of the residence over a parking space”, the report continued.

It said: “[The victims] were sitting in their vehicle with the windows open. Danica exited her vehicle and produced a cannister [sic] of pepper spray and proceeded to spray.

“She then proceeded to continue spraying the pepper spray hitting [redacted] through the open window.”

Hightower was later charged with aggravated child abuse and burglary with assaults or battery – both first-degree felonies – and a misdemeanour charge of battery causing bodily harm.

She appeared in court on Saturday, 2nd September, where a judge ordered her to have no contact with the victims.

The 19-year-old was later released on bond. She faces more than 60 years in prison if sentenced as charged.

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