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30-Year-Old Wife Found Topless With 15-Year-Old Twin On Sofa

A 37-year-old wife caught topless with a 15-year-old twin has been seized by police for romping with one of the twin brothers and abusing the other.

Photo shows Ashleigh Watts, 37, undated. Ashleigh Watts, of Chesapeake, Virginia , USA, was charged with three counts of indecency with a minor after she allegedly had sexual contact since June 2022 with one of the teens. (Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Accused Ashleigh Watts’s outraged husband found his wife and one of the twins on his sofa at the family home in Chesapeake, Virginia State, USA.

And it later emerged that she had also tried to seduce the other teen by offering him pairs of her panties, reported local media.

His brother – not named in local media – at first denied any sexual activity but later confessed to his father, one of the Watts family’s neighbours.

Watts is now facing three charges of sexual contact with a minor since June last year (2022).

The sick abuse emerged after Watts’s husband found his topless wife and one of the brothers on the couch in the early hours of the morning last February.

The teen, who lived across the street, told his parents that he had gone to Watts’s house to smoke marijuana and had fallen asleep, denying any sexual activity.

However, according to the police complaint, he later confessed to his dad that he had romped with Watts on many occasions.

He also confided in a neighbour saying he had been in a sexual relationship with Watts since June 2022 and was in love.

Watts is said to have told the neighbour that she planned to marry the teen once he turned 17.

After the alleged contact was discovered, the teen ran away from home last month and was found hiding in Watts’s bedroom three weeks later on July 26.

The other twin later told police that Watts had given him her underwear and offered him marijuana.

He also alleged that she had touched him inappropriately but he had asked her to stop.

Watts was arrested on August 17th but it is not known if she had a court hearing yet.

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