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 Air Rescue Crews Brave Heatwave For Back-To-Back Rescues

Helicopter crews in Arizona have been battling the extreme heat as they performed back-to-back rescues with multiple people needing urgent help in a single day.

Crews aboard the Ranger 1 from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) reportedly had their hands full with two separate missions taking place over 100 miles apart on 23rd July.

The first mission involved assisting the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in rescuing two hikers suffering from heat-related illnesses on Siphon Draw Trail in Apache Junction.

After that successful rescue, they rushed over to aid three dirt bikers stranded and suffering from heat exhaustion on a trail north of Crown King.

The skilled crew safely rescued all three bikers and transferred them to Mayer Fire Department for medical assistance.

The AZDPS reminded all citizens to not put themselves – or first responders – at risk by avoiding strenuous activities in the middle of the day during extreme heat and advised to always bring along large supplies of drinking water and fully-charged cellphones.

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