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American Dad Shoots Son In Heart During ‘Big Argument’ Over 25 Cents

A Wisconsin dad has been arrested for shooting his son in the heart during a “big argument” over USD 0.25.

Photo shows John C. Shively, 64, undated. The father allegedly shot his son Zachary S. Shively in the heart during an argument over 25 cents in Madison, Wisconsin. (Dane County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

John C. Shively, 64, has been charged with first-degree murder for fatally shooting his 25-year-old son Zachary S. Shively in the heart during a fight about money.

The fatal shooting took place on 22nd June but has only come to light now, with police in Madison Sammy responding to a call at 6:38pm.

The police said: “Upon arrival, an adult male was located deceased inside a residence.”

They detained John Shively, with the dad reportedly saying: “He provided a statement to investigators, saying he and the victim were arguing over finances when the argument turned physical.”

Zachary had reportedly asked his father for USD 2.50 (GBP 1.94) but the 64-year-old only had USD 2.30 (GBP 1.79).

The son reportedly “kept hammering” about the missing money, saying he needed USD 0.25 (GBP 0.23) more.

John Shively said that the fight was also about several bad decisions he had made that had led to him owing taxes on his home and about him having fallen behind on mortgage and credit card repayments.

The fight escalated and Zachary allegedly hit his father, causing him to fall into a chair and hit his head.

When John Shively tried to leave, and go upstairs from the basement in the family home, his son allegedly continued to attack him, with the dad then grabbing his son’s gun – reportedly fired from a car earlier that day and left at the bottom of the basement staircase – and firing a single shot into his heart.

Zachary Shively was later pronounced dead.

John Shively said that he had thought that if he pointed the gun at his son, he would have backed off.

He allegedly said: “I foolishly thought that with a gun right at him that he would just finally give me respite.”

He added: “I can’t tell you how much I regret that I picked it up.”

The dad said: “It was a big argument for 25 cents, is that insane or…?”

The dad then called 911 along with another man, unnamed, who lived at the home.

John Shively has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide and use of a dangerous weapon.

His next hearing is set for 1st August.

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