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Colorado Instructor Ploughs Into Front Of Driving School

This photograph shows how a Colorado driving instructor ploughed into the front of the “Learn To Drive” business where they worked.

Photo shows the Hyundai Tucson after it crashed into the Community Driving School in Lakewood, Colorado on Tuesday, August 08, 2023. The instructor plowed in the front of the building while trying to park the vehicle. (@LakewoodPDCO/Newsflash)

The incident took place in front of the Community Driving School on Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood, in the US state of Colorado, on Tuesday, 8th August.

The driving instructor, who has not been named, drove the Hyundai Tucson straight through the driving school’s front window while trying to park it.

The police show the photograph on X, formerly known as Twitter, where it has gone viral with over 200,000 views.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Lakewood Police Department on Wednesday, 9th August saying: “Thankfully there was only one minor injury. Several people were able to dive out of harms way. The driver, an instructor at the business, was cited for a traffic violation.” (sic)

The police did not specify who had been injured in the accident.

Netizens were quick to make fun of the driving instructor and the photograph, with one saying: “Look up ‘irony’ in the dictionary, and this is what you should see.”

Another said: “Just popping into the office.”

One said: “When you lie on the job application.”

While another netizen said: “Are they going to get an employee discount on a driving course?”

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