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Armed Woman Is Deliberately Run Over By Police Patrol Car And Then Arrested

This is the moment a police officer uses his patrol car to knock down an armed woman firing a gun on a busy city street.

The Long Island officer behind the wheel of the police cruiser reportedly deliberately ran down the woman at North Bellmore in New York on 15th August.

She had been crossing the intersection of Jerusalem Avenue and Bellmore Avenue.

The woman was first of all recorded pointing a gun at individuals in her path during the incident that occurred at a busy intersection, causing traffic to come to a halt.

Prior to being struck by the police officer, seconds later, the 33-year-old woman, who was not named, had fired the gun into the air.

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder commented on the situation, stating, “It’s a loaded gun that she’s waving around in the traffic, pointing at people that have got their children and their families in their cars.”


The woman then later decided to aim the gun at her head, as depicted in a widely-shared video on social media.

Subsequently, the Nassau County officer used his squad car to hit her.

Ellen Zainfeld expressed her view, saying, “I thought it was brilliant that the guy knocked her down to at least get her under control. It was a great move.”

Following the collision, officers restrained the woman and confiscated the semiautomatic handgun. She was then transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The motive for the incident is currently unknown.

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