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Mum Of Two Dies When Tractor Part Hits Her In The Neck At Fair

A mother of two died when she was hit in the neck by a piece of metal that flew off an engine while she watched a tractor pull event at a fair in Pennsylvania, according to the police.

Photo shows Brandy Horner, undated. The mom of two, 33, died after being hit in the neck by projectile while she was watching Tractor Pull at fair in Laurelton, Pennsylvania, on Friday, August 11, 2023. (Hoffman Funeral Home/Newsflash)

Brandy Horner was reportedly hit by a piece of exhaust wheel at the Union County West End Fair in the US state of Pennsylvania.

The incident in which the 33-year-old was injured happened on Friday, 11th August, at around 8:30pm.

She was reportedly sitting and watching the tractor pull event when the piece of exhaust wheel “became dislodged and ejected” from the tractor’s metal covering, according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

The police added: “Through investigation, it was determined that during a tractor pull event, the vehicle being driven sustained an equipment malfunction.”

Medics attempted to treat her at the scene before she was rushed by ambulance to the Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, but she passed away.

Dennis Boop, president of the Union County West End Fair, said there was no protective fencing around the track and that it was “a freak accident”.

Police have said that there is currently no suspicion of foul play.

Horner leaves behind a husband of 10 years and their two sons.

Her habitually reads: “Her world revolved around family but especially ‘her 3 boys’, Troy, Blake and Travis.”

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