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Cops Rescue Man Who Passed Out And Fell Onto Train Tracks

This police bodycam footage shows how a man was saved by two officers after he passed out at a New York City Subway station and fell onto the tracks.

The incident happened at Utica Avenue station in New York City, USA, on 3rd July.

According to reports, the unidentified male fell onto the tracks following an undetermined medical episode.

The footage shows how one of the officers spots a walking stick and a bag on the edge of the platform before peering over the edge and seeing the man on the tracks.

When the two officers lift him up, he is clearly unresponsive.

The footage shows how the male officer repeatedly shouts “please” and “come on” so that two commuters waiting on the platform edge can grab the man.

Police officers rescue a man who fell on subway tracks in Brooklyn, New York, Monday, July 3, 2023. The man suffered a medical episode. (NYPD/Newsflash)

The New York City Police Department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on 5th July: “Officer Baez & Hall from the NYPD 81st Precinct took brave action to save a straphanger who fell on the subway tracks after he suffered a medical episode. Watch their amazing rescue on their bodycam footage.”

And the NYPD 81st Precinct itself said on the same date: “When a male fell into the train tracks after having a medical episode, without hesitation Officers Baez and Hall jumped into the train tracks, placing themselves in a perilous situation, lifted the unresponsive adult over tracks onto the platform to safety.”

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