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 Daughter Gave Demented Mum Gun To Commit Suicide

A woman who reportedly gave her demented gun to kill herself has been arrested and told police that “it sucks being a 24/7 caregiver”.

Photo shows Jaydee Watts, undated. The Oklahoma woman, 44, is accused of giving her mother with dementia, Lynda Watts, 72, a gun to commit suicide, in September 2023. (Midwest City Police Department/Newsflash)

Lynda Watts, 72, who had been suffering of dementia, reportedly killed herself in Oklahoma City in the US state of the same name on 10th September.

Lynda’s daughter, named as Jaydee Watts, 44, has been arrested on charges of felony murder by caretaker abuse and kidnapping, according to the police.

The police investigation into the cameras in the home is said to have found that the suspect called her mother “a toddler” and also threatened her by saying “take your pill or choke on it and die.”

According to reports, she brought the gun to her mother’s room, showed her how to remove it from the holder and said “do with it what you will”.

Lynda fired two shots and killed herself, according to local media.

Dillon Quirk of the Oklahoma City Police said: “[Jaydee Watts] suggested that she take her own life, very sadly she did.”

Photo shows the house in Oklahoma, undated. Jaydee Watts is accused that she gave her mother Lynda Watts, 72, a gun to commit suicide, in September 2023. (Newsflash)

After calling a hospice and telling them her mother had killed herself with a gun she had given to her, the hospice worker called the police who came to the suspect’s house where they found the dead woman.

During the questioning, Watts reportedly told the police that “it sucks being a 24-7 caregiver.”

Oklahoma City Police Department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on Tuesday, 21st November: “On September 10th, 2023, homicide investigators responded to 12901 Blue Quail Dr. regarding a death where the victim sadly died by means of suicide.

“During the investigation, detectives learned the deceased’s daughter, 44-year-old Jaydee Watts, intentionally provided a firearm to the victim which prompted the victim to take her own life.

“The case was presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and a warrant of arrest was issued. “

Watts had been kept on a USD one million (GBP 797,780) bond before she was released on bail.

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