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Deputy Crawls Into Pipe To Rescue Injured Dog

This is the remarkable moment a police officer crawls into a drain pipe to rescue a dog that had crawled in to hide after she was hit by a car.

Deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office rushed over to the pup’s help after receiving a report at around 9:39pm on 7th September.

They hurriedly made their way over to the 10700 block of Woodland Ave E., in the US State of Washington, where the caller said the dog had crawled into a culvert.

One piece of footage shows a deputy crawling into the pipe under the road and the dog laying on top of him as soon as he reaches her.

Police said the deputy used a blanket to slowly pull the dog out.

Photo shows the dog in a culvert in Washington. Deputy rescued the animal named Piper on Thursday, September 07, 2023. (@piercesheriff/Newsflash)

Once the dog was out the deputies transported her to the emergency vet. Police said that she would have probably stayed in the pipe and died if she had not received their help.

Police soon learned the dog, that was later given the fitting name Piper, was a stray without an owner or microchip and was about to be euthanised.

Officers called to stop Piper from being put down and instead perform an emergency surgery that a vet said she needed.

With the help of People for Animal Care and Kindness (P.A.C.K.), Piper got the urgent surgery she needed and police said she is now recovering.

Photo shows the moment Washington Deputy crawls into culvert to rescue a dog on Thursday, September 07, 2023. The dog named Piper was hit by a car. (@piercesheriff/Newsflash)

Another piece of footage shows the pooch strapped to several tubes and wearing a cone after the successful operation, lovingly tucked in with a warm blanket.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office added she is doing much better and praised its deputies with the words: “Stepping up where so many would not, these deputies are full of compassion and awesomeness!

“So proud of these guys!”

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