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Florida ‘Officer Of The Month’ Drunkenly Strangles Ex After Breaking Into Her Apartment

A cop who was named ‘Officer of the Month’ over the summer has been busted for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s flat and drunkenly strangling her.

Picture shows officer Christopher Bivins, undated. He was voted as “Officer of the Month,” as per a social media post from the Gainesville Police Department. (Gainesville Police Department/Newsflash)

The victim, who has not been named, said “I saw stars” after Christopher John Bivins, Jr, 29, of the Gainesville Police Department, in the US state of Florida, allegedly began strangling her after breaking into her flat on Friday night, on 27th October.

Bivins had reportedly bumped into his ex earlier that night at a club called Simons.

They reportedly argued before leaving the club in separate vehicles.

But while she was on her way home, the victim received multiple calls about someone trying to break into her home.

When she arrived at her apartment complex, she found that her front door and door frame were damaged, according to reports.

Bivins, who used to play as a quarterback on the Gainesville High School American football team, was reportedly waiting for her inside.

Picture shows Gainesville Police Department vehicle in Florida, undated. (Gainesville Police Department/Newsflash)

He allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the floor before kneeling on top of her and strangling her.

The victim said that she “saw stars” and thought that she was about to die.

He let her go before she lost consciousness and she fled, with Officer Bivins then reportedly throwing her belongings off the apartment balcony.

When questioned by other officers, he claimed that he was drunk and could not remember anything after parking his pickup truck across the street.

The officer, who had been named “Officer of the Month” in August 2023, was arrested and has been charged with battery by strangulation, grand theft, burglary, and property damage.

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