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Police Officer Saves Driver’s Life After Car Crash

Sergeant JT Moore from Madill Police Department is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a driver from a burning car in Madill, Oklahoma in the early morning of the 9th of September 2023.

Upon arriving at the scene, Sgt. Moore immediately used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames and then noticed the driver still in the car.

Without hesitation, he pulled the driver to safety, risking his own life in the process.

The driver was saved thanks to Sgt. Moore’s quick thinking and bravery.

The Madill Police Department’s official Facebook profile posted a message praising Sgt. Moore for his courageous actions of saving a life while risking his own safety.

The post reads, “We commend Sgt. Moore for his life-saving actions, all while putting himself in harm’s way.”

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