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 Lotto Punter Who Stopped For A Bottle Of Water Scoops Massive Jackpot

A thirsty punter has told how he stopped to buy a bottle of water and walked away with a USD 200,000 scratchcard win.

Lucky Donald Spivey – from Tabor City, North Carolina State, USA – spotted a pile of scratchcards at the counter of a local store named Minuteman Food Mart and picked one out of the blue on 17th June.

At first, he went to buy a cheaper ticket with a smaller jackpot, but at the last second changed his mind and bought a USD 5 (USD 4) megabucks ticket.

Donald said in a statement obtained by Newsflash from North Carolina Education Lottery: “Something just told me to go ahead and get it.

“When I saw the USD 200,000 [GBP 157,000] top prize, I changed my mind and got that one.”

Donald collected USD 142,501 (GBP 111,645) – the total due after taxes – at lottery headquarters in Raleigh on 19th June.

He said he’ll save the money for retirement and for ‘rainy days’.

He told lottery officials: “I’m not far from retirement so that will be a nice bump.”

North Carolina Education Lottery officials said: “The Mega Bucks game debuted this month with eight USD 200,000 [GBP 157,000] top prizes.

“Six USD 200,000 [GBP 157,000] prizes remain to be claimed.”

They added: “Ticket sales from scratch-off games make it possible for the lottery to raise USD 2.5 million [GBP 1.9 million] a day on average for education.

“Columbus County and Whiteville City Schools have received grants totalling USD 15 million [GBP 11.7 million] to help meet new school construction needs.”

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