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 Lucky Man Scoops USD 10 Million After Asking Store Clerk To Choose Him A Winner

A lucky man has become a multimillionaire after he scooped USD 10 million on a lottery scratchcard, which he let the store clerk pick.

Photo shows the ‘California 200X game’, undated. Brent Young won $10,000,000 after he bought a scratch at Prince Food & Gas in Visalia. (California Lottery/Newsflash)

Brent Young let the employee at Prince Food and Gas in the city of Visalia, California State, USA, choose the ticket because he felt unsure about which one to buy himself from all the options.

He said in a statement obtained by Newsflash from California Lottery: “I was like just pick whichever one; I didn’t care.”

The clerk then reached across the counter and handed him a ‘California 200X’ game which Young began scratching immediately.

And he was shocked when halfway into it he uncovered the game’s massive USD 10 million [GBP 8.2 million] top prize written in bold.

Young said: “When I saw all those zeros, I was like ‘no way, this doesn’t happen to people like me.

“It’s crazy. Out of all those options, the clerk could have picked a different game. But he didn’t. He grabbed a winner.”

Photo shows Prince Food & Gas in Visalia, California, undated. Brent Young bought ‘California 200X game” scratch and won $10,000,000. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Young added that he went to the particular gas station after the one where he usually goes to fill up and buy lottery scratchcards was closed that day.

He said: “It’s almost like God’s intervention. I didn’t have a specific ticket I was going to buy, so I let someone else decide.

“I had no choice but to go to Prince’s. My usual stop was closed. If it had been open, none of this probably would have happened.”

At lottery headquarters, Young decided to take the lump sum and went home with USD 5.8 million (GBP 4.7 million) after federal taxes.

The retailer will get a USD 50,000 [GBP 41,248] bonus for selling the winning ticket.

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