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Lucky Man Wins Online Lottery Jackpot After Switching To Different Game At The Last Moment

A lucky man’s last-minute change of heart after he switched a lottery game he picked for a different one has earned him the jackpot.

Joseph Raley from the city of London, Laurel County, Kentucky State, USA, poses in undated photo. He won 118,449 (GBP 93,245) on the lottery in August 2023. (Kentucky Lottery/Newsflash)

Joseph Raley from the city of London, Kentucky State, USA, said he could not believe his eyes when he realised he had won a total of USD 118,449 (GBP 93,245) on Wednesday, 9th August.

The lucky man was reportedly trying his luck out on some online lottery games at around 5am that day when he decided to go for the Wild Life Clusters Jackpot Instant Play game at the last moment.

Joseph said in a statement obtained by Newsflash from Kentucky Lottery: “I picked a game and was getting ready to click buy when I switched and wagered USD 5 [GBP 4] on Wild Life Clusters Jackpot instead.

“Those four little things popped up and gave me three free spins. I figured I’d get my USD 5 [GBP 4] back.

“My phone was laying there, and I turned around and started doing something when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big cluster of stuff.”

The lucky player continued: “By the time I turned around, it was spinning the second and third time. I came back around and saw I hit it.

“I thought it was advertising what the jackpot was.”

Joseph recalled how he was in shock when a message saying he won the astonishing prize popped up on the screen.

He said: “I can’t believe I just did this… and on the first spin!”

Joseph collected his prize at lottery headquarters the next day and went home with USD 84,691 (GBP 66,673) after state and federal taxes.

When asked about how he plans to spend the winnings he said he and his wife will let the money sit in for a bit without making quick decisions.

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