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Young Man Dives Into Lake To Recover Woman’s Lost Phone

A young man was filmed as he fearlessly volunteered to dive into a lake and retrieve a woman’s cell phone after she accidentally dropped it in the water.

Phone footage shows the moment the overjoyed woman, named Dianne Bonfiglio gets her phone back from Lake Sunapee, in the US State of New Hampshire on 21st August.

Sunapee Police said a pontoon boat carrying a group of young people happened to be passing be and one of them, named Simon, volunteered to dive into the water to recover the lost phone.

Rhonda from Harborside Trading contributed to the rescue by providing a pair of swim goggles.

Simon was able to locate the phone on the first dive.

A crowd of onlookers all cheered when he found it and when Dianne realised the phone still worked.

Diane Bonfiglio expressed her gratitude, saying: “I am so grateful for all who were there to help out, especially Simon and Officer Brigham.

“A shout out to Simon and his friends who stepped right up to help me.

“I am forever grateful.”

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