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 Man Pops Out For Pint Milk And Comes Home With Massive Lotto Win

A forgetful hubby who sneaked out to buy a pint of milk he had forgotten to get the night before amazed his wife when he came home with a USD 100,000 lotto win.

Photo shows Clarence Chatman, undated. Need for milk brought the man from Prince George’s County, Maryland, $100,000 top-prize scratch-off win. (Maryland Lottery/Newsflash)

Car mechanic Clarence Chatman crept out of the family home in Laurel, Maryland State, USA, at the crack of dawn but couldn’t resist splashing out on scratchcards.

Minutes later on 6th December astonished Clarence discovered he had won a massive jackpot and rushed home calling his wife Jeanne to wake her up.

Clarence said in a statement obtained by Newsflash from Maryland Lottery: “A feeling came over me as I passed the machine.

“So, I bought three USD 10 [GBP 8] Bonus Bucks games.”

After winning USD 60 (GBP 48) on two of the tickets, he decided to ride his lick and buy another one.

Clarence said: “I felt good having doubled my money, but something said, ‘Get one more.'”

And when he scanned his fourth instant ticket, he was stunned to realise he had won the game’s top prize.

Clarence said: “My heart stopped. I figured USD 10,000 [GBP 7,962], but it was USD 100,000 [GBP 79,594]!”

On the way home he asked his wife to meet him in the sitting room but would not say why.

Photo shows 7-Eleven #26800 in Laurel, undated. Need for milk brought Clarence Chatman $100,000 top-prize scratch-off win. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Jeanne said: “I thought something bad happened.”

Shaking, her husband showed her the winning message on the phone, and rushed to wake up his son to share the good news.

Sheepish Clarence later admitted that in all the excitement he still forgot to buy the milk.

At Maryland Lottery headquarters Clarence said they plan to use a part of the cash to pay some bills and spend some of the the rest on a luxury holiday.

Lottery representatives said: “His very lucky Lottery retailer can share in this excitement, too.

“Laurel 7-Eleven #26800 located at 12009 Laurel Bowie Road in Prince George’s County earns a USD 1,000 [GBP 796] bonus from the Lottery for selling a USD 100,000 [GBP 79,594] top-prize winning scratch-off.

“Plenty of prizes remain on the Bonus Buck$ game, including five USD 100,000 [GBP 79,594] top prizes, seven USD 10,000 [GBP 7,960] prizes, 18 USD 5,000 [GBP 3,980] prizes, and loads of others ranging from USD 10 [GBP 8] to USD 2,000 [GBP 1,592].”

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