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 Man Seized By Cops For Chucking Banger At Big Brother

A 61-year-old man has been seized by police in Florida after he threw a sausage at his brother that hit him in the head during a family feud.

Photo shows Ray Allen, undated. The Florida man, 60, was arrested after he threw sausage at his brother in backyard on Saturday, December 02, 2023. (Pinellas County Jail/Newsflash)

The alleged banger thrower Ray Allen was arrested after police were called when the object hit his elder brother in the eye.

The bizarre row kicked off in the backyard of a home in Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, on 2nd December.

The pair, the police said, began arguing heatedly shortly before the sausage was hurled at the victim’s head.

Paramedics rushed to the family home, where they washed out the victim’s eye with a saline solution.

Prison records show Allen was held at Pinellas County jail before a judge released him on condition that he would not contact his brother.

He pleaded not guilty to a charge of domestic battery.

Local media reported that officers did not confiscate the assault weapon.

A police affidavit said Allen might have been under the influence of alcohol.

It is currently unclear what the argument was about.

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