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 McDonald’s Employee Charged For Shooting Customer Dead During Working Hour

A McDonald’s employee has been charged with murder after he allegedly shot a woman during working hours and ran away.

Photo shows McDonalds employee Sam Antwan Ivey who was charged with murder, undated. Woman was shot and killed in the restaurant in Hendersonville, North Carolina on Monday, October 08, 2023. (Henderson County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Sam Antway Ivey from Hendersonville, North Carolina State, USA, was arrested for murdering Jacklyn Marie Reed, 30, from Johnson City, Tennessee State, on Monday, 9th October.

The 35-year-old McDonald’s employee was instantly placed in custody at Henderson County Detention Facility without bond after the incident.

Hendersonville Police said that Reed and another woman were arguing outside of the restaurant located at 1909 Four Seasons Boulevard before the unidentified woman went in.

Reed reportedly followed her inside and kept fighting before a manager separated them, after which she left the restaurant.

She, however, returned soon after and was met by the manager and Ivey whom she touched during the disturbance.

Ivey then pulled out a concealed handgun and short her before he fled the scene in his vehicle. Cops were notified about the incident at about 10.54am.

Photo shows McDonald’s in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The employee Sam Antwan Ivey was charged with murder after a woman was killed in the restaurant on Monday, October 08, 2023. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

The suspect was arrested after a School Resource Deputy at Edenyville Elementary School recognised that he had a child attending the same school.

When Ivey arrived at the school, he was immediately apprehended by the deputy at the school’s parking lot. He was then taken into custody without incident.

Henderson Police said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Detectives do not believe the suspect intended harm at the school.

“The Hendersonville Police Department is appreciative of the assistance provided by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in the swift apprehension of the suspect. “

It was not disclosed whether Ivey has retained a lawyer or entered a plea.

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