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Multimillionaire Claims Second USD 10 Million Lottery Win In Two Years

A lucky man in the USA has scooped USD 10 million on the lottery only a year after he claimed the same value from a scratch card.

Picture shows the winner Wayne Murray of Brooklyn, New York, undated. He has claimed a $10,000,000 top prize on the New York Lotterys 200X scratch-off game. (NY Lottery/Newsflash)

Wayne Murray from Brooklyn, in New York City, USA, turned in a second USD 10 million (GBP 7.9 million) ticket this week, on Tuesday, 5th December.

The astonishing win on New York Lottery’s 200X scratch-off game followed after he claimed his first USD 10 million top prize on a Black Titanium ticket in 2022.

At lottery headquarters, the lucky punter revealed that the bought the ticket at the local H&A Gas and Convenience store.

He chose to receive the prize as a lump sum payment of USD 6.12 million (GBP 4.87) after state and federal taxes.

New York Lottery representatives said: “As of this writing there was one top prize remaining on the 200X ticket.

“New York scratch-off games generated USD 4.4 billion [GBP 3.5 billion] in total sales during fiscal year 2022-2023.

“School districts across the five boroughs received USD 1 billion [GBP 795 million] in Lottery Aid to Education funds during the same period.

“The New York Lottery continues to be North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery, contributing USD 3.7 billion [GBP 2.9 billion] in fiscal year 2022-2023 to help support education in New York State.”

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