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Wanted Woman Arrested After Calling Cops To Report Stolen Cannabis

A wanted woman was arrested after calling the police to report that her half a gramme of cannabis had been stolen.

Lily Marie Rinker poses in undated photo. She called the police to report that someone had stolen marijuana from her when she had two outstanding warrants for her own arrest in Stuart, Florida, USA. (Martin County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Lily Marie Rinker, 23, called the cops in Stuart, in the US state of Florida, late on 16th November, saying her drugs had been stolen.

But she was busted after cops arrived at the Best Western hotel where she was staying as there were two outstanding warrants for her arrest.

Officers with the Stuart Police Department arrived at the Best Western, located on Florida’s coast about 100 miles north of Miami at 2 am on the night of the arrest.

Rinker allegedly told the police that “her friend Carlos whom she met a week ago stole her marijuana”, police documents revealed.

The affidavit also said: “Rinker stated that Carlos and her were hanging out in her hotel room located at the address above. Rinker stated she had about 30 dollars worth of marijuana in her blue grinder.

“Rinker advised that after her friend left the hotel room she opened her grinder and saw approximately a half gram of marijuana missing from the grinder.”

The cops said that Rinker revealed that she “did not know what to do so she decided to call the police.”

Police asked Rinker for her ID and her medical marijuana card, as cannabis is legal for people in Florida who can produce one.

She shows the police her ID but it is unclear if she had a valid medical cannabis card.

People without a cannabis card who are caught with more than 20 grammes of the drug in Florida can face felony charges under the state’s laws.

Rinker apparently did not know that there were warrants for her arrest and was taken into custody on Friday, charged with one count of probation violation and one count of failure to appear.

The charges are from prior, undisclosed incidents and are not related to the cannabis.

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