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Abandoned Pup Runs To Cops With ‘Please Help’ Note In Collar

Police in the US State of Wisconsin were stunned when a lost stray dog ran up to them with a ‘Please help’ note attached to her collar.

Picture shows the note that was attached to a dog’s collar, undated. Police are looking for its owners in Platteville, WI. (Platteville WI Police/Newsflash)

Officers with the Platteville WI Police Department (PPD) were faced with the peculiar plea after receiving a report about the seemingly lost dog in Moundview Park on 25th August.

As soon as they arrived, police said a sweet female pup rushed towards them and jumped into an officer’s vehicle.

The officer then searched the pup and discovered she had a piece of paper with a written note tucked into her pink collar.

The note – seen in an image obtained by Newsflash from the PPD – reads: “Please help, take me to a shelter. My name is Lola.”

Police also shared an image of Lola with a statement saying: “We are asking for the public’s assistance in finding Lola’s original ‘owners’.

“We would like to speak with them. Thank you in advance.”

The canine is currently under PPD’s care while they investigate the case.

Picture shows the dog named Lola, undated. The animal had a note attached to its collar in Platteville, WI. (Platteville WI Police/Newsflash)

Her owners could be faced with legal consequences if found, as it is illegal to abandon pets in Platteville.

Meanwhile, well-meaning locals have volunteered to give Lola a forever home if she needs one.

Other social media users have also speculated that the note might have been written by a child in an attempt to help get her off the streets.

Some even suggested that she might have been freed from an abusive owner by a person who wanted to avoid revealing themselves and face consequences.

The investigation is ongoing.

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