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Boy, 9, Sells Two Chickens For USD 12,000 To Help With Four-Year-Old Brother’s Cancer Treatment

A nine-year-old boy has raised USD 12,000 by selling two chickens to help with his four-year-old brother’s cancer treatment.

Photo shows Cashton Purkapile, 4, undated. Cashton, from Rock County, Wisconsin, USA, was diagnosed with cancer. (GoFundMe/Newsflash)

Cashton Purkapile, 4, of Janesville, a city in Rock County, in the US state of Wisconsin, was diagnosed with a Stage 4 hepatoblastoma in his liver in June.

His mum Katie Purkapile said: “He has a tumor the size about six inches in diameter on his liver, and that metastasized and spread to also his lungs.”

Andy McWilliams, a friend of the family, helped Cashton’s older brother Callen, 9, take care of his chickens and came up with the idea of selling them at the Rock County 4-H fair, an annual event held in Rock County.

It showcases the achievements and talents of local 4-H members in various fields such as agriculture, livestock, the arts, and crafts. It features concerts, bull riding, pig races, as well as other events.

And 4-H is a youth development organization that aims to empower young people with skills, knowledge, and values. The Rock County 4-H fair says on its website that it is the oldest 4-H fair in the United States.

McWilliams explained: “Starting Tuesday through Sunday, there are different shows, there are different sales that all the kids partake in.”

The initial target was raising USD 2,000 (GBP 1,573) but after other people in the community joined forces, both chickens were sold for a grand total of USD 12,000 (GBP 9,441).

Photo shows Callen Purkapile, the older brother of Cashton Purkapile, 4, undated. Callen, from Rock County, Wisconsin, USA, auctioned his chickens for his little brother, Cashton, who was diagnosed with cancer. (Newsflash)

McWilliams said: “It’s unbelievable. It’s why we stay here. It’s why we do what we do. It’s why we help people.

“How people pull together to help each other when they’re in need, it’s huge. You see a lot and hear a lot of the bad, and when there’s need, the good comes out of the woodwork.”

The family were also stunned by the generosity of the community, with mum Katie Purkapile saying: “The support from everyone is overwhelming and wonderful. I mean, our gratitude and thankfulness on it all is beyond what we can express most of the time.”

The family said that little Cashton is doing well after five treatments, according to local media. They added that they are taking the diagnosis one day at a time.

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