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Lucky Woman Wins Massive USD 900,000 Lottery Prize Week After Scooping USD 50,000

A lucky woman in the USA was left in awe after she scooped a massive USD 900,000 prize a week after hitting USD 50,000 on the same lottery game.

Jennifer Minton won two big lottery prizes in two weeks from the same game. She won USD 912,936 (GBP 752,000) playing Virginia Lottery’s Safari Quest online game on Oct. 17, 2023. (Virginia Lottery/Newsflash)

Jennifer Minton from Gloucester County, Virginia State, USA, was stunned when she won USD 912,936 (GBP 752,154) a week after winning USD 50,000 (GBP 41,194) in the same game.

The lucky woman was reportedly sitting around a campfire and playing the game on her mobile phone when she saw the jackpot reset.

In a statement obtained by Newsflash from Virginia Lottery, Jennifer recalled thinking at the time: “Dang, somebody hit it. They are so lucky!”

But then she looked at the screen again and to her utter shock, realised that she was the lucky winner.

She said: “I’m in shock! I’m in disbelief!”

Jennifer collected her prize at lottery headquarters on Tuesday, 17th October.

She did not disclose how she plans to spend the prize.

Virginia Lottery representatives said: “Safari Quest is one of dozens of online instant games available via the Virginia Lottery’s app.

“The odds per game are 1 in 3.84.

“In addition to online instant games, players can purchase Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Cash 5 with EZ Match plays online.

“Players must be at least 18 years of age and physically located in Virginia.

“All Virginia Lottery profits go to K-12 education in Virginia.

“Ms. Minton lives in Gloucester County, which received more than USD 2.7 million [GBP 2.2 million] in Lottery funds for K-12 education last fiscal year.

“In Fiscal Year 2023, the Lottery raised more than USD 867 million [GBP 714 million] for K-12 education, making up approximately 10 percent of Virginia’s total K-12 school budget.”

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