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 Devout Christian Outraged After Masseuse Tried To Give Him Unwanted Happy Ending

These viral images show a devout Christian man in California accusing a masseuse of trying to give him an unwanted happy ending while massaging him.

The video shows police on the scene, with the masseuse being arrested at the massage parlour, reportedly located on Sherman Way in Winnetka, California, with a sign saying “Healthy Massage” out front.

The man, filming from outside the venue, can be heard saying to the camera: “This lady tried to touch on me at a massage place and then refused to give my money back. She going to jail.” (sic)

The masseuse then says something indistinct to him from inside the massage parlour, with the young Christian man replying: “She tried to grab my genitals. She going to jail.” (sic)

He then says to the camera: “And they wonder why Christians are having a hard time making it to heaven. I stand for Jesus.”

The man, reportedly named Devon Lee, said on social media that he was Christian and practising celibacy.

Man claims a masseuse (pictured) tried to give him unsolicited happy ending in Winnetka, California, undated. The man was apparently a Christian practicing celibacy. (@mr.devonlee/CEN)

The video is going viral on TikTok, with over 1.6 million views at the time of writing.

Netizens saw the funny side, with the most upvoted comment, from ‘Kartier’, saying: “Bro genuinely wanted a massage”.

And ‘Hmm’ said: “Bro actually went in for a massage”.

While ‘DSGN.LA’ said: “Even Jesus was like, bro really?”

Although ‘Darien’ was more suspicious about Devon’s sincerity, saying: “In the middle of the night?”

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