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Man Claims His Learning Impaired Niece, 9, Forced Him To Repeatedly Have Intercourse With Her

A man has claimed that his learning-impaired niece, aged just 9, forced him to have sex with her and hit him on the head when he refused.

Photo shows Ronnie G. Black, undated. The Indiana man, 55, was arrested on Thursday, August 10, 2023, for allegedly sexually abusing his niece, 9, who is a cognitively impaired elementary school student. (Wayne County Sheriff’s Department/Newsflash)

The care assistant that the girl confided in reportedly burst into tears when the girl told how her uncle named as Ronnie G. Black, 55, had abused her.

He has now been arrested for sexually abusing the young girl in Wayne County, in the US state of Indiana.

He was arrested on 10th August after reportedly admitting to having sexually abused his niece on multiple occasions.

But he claimed that he was “forced” by her into doing so.

The victim, who is in a special needs class, complained on 8th August that her genitals were painful.

A teaching assistant took her to the school nurse, who determined that she was suffering from a urinary tract infection.

After being quizzed a bit by the teaching assistant, the girl revealed that Black had allegedly been touching her inappropriately and raping her.

She said: “When he puts his privates in my privates, all I do is think about going home.”

The teaching assistant, not named, began to cry and was comforted by the girl who gave her a hug, telling her it was “ok”.

The school alerted Indiana Child Protective Services and the girl was interviewed by experts, during which she detailed a long list of sexual abuse incidents carried out by her uncle.

The interviewer said that the girl “kept moving back and forth, appearing to be uncomfortable”.

When asked why, she said that her “privates hurt”.

She said that she had been in pain ever since her uncle had started having sex with her.

Black was then questioned by the police, with a police affidavit stating: “Black said that [she] had undressed in front of him and climbed into bed with him.”

It also said: “Black said that she was naked while they were lying in bed together, and that [the girl] removed his shorts.

“Black stated that she climbed on top of him and [the girl] put his penis into her vagina. Black initially stated that he was asleep when this occurred, but eventually admitted that he was awake.”

Black also reportedly told the police that his niece had forced him to perform oral sex on her, hitting him in the back of the head and straddling him.

He has been charged with two counts of child molestation and two counts of vicarious sexual gratification, according to the police.

Black is being held on a USD 50,000 (GBP 39,320) bond.

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