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Drones Aid Cops In Locating Suspect Hidden Inside Sewer

Deputies in Georgia successfully located a suspect who had taken refuge deep within a sewer with the help of drones.

The bust came as the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office responded to a hit-and-run car accident involving a suspect who had reportedly attempted package thefts from residences in Tyrone, Georgia on 26th July.

Following a pursuit on foot, the suspect identified as Lavern Vereen, evaded capture by disappearing into a narrow drainage pipe.

Newly-released footage shows officers encircling an opening in the ground, where the 31-year-old suspect tried to avoid arrest by retreating further underground.

After several failed attempts to communicate with Vereen, the deputies deployed a compact drone into the drainage conduit, successfully establishing visual confirmation of his location.

A K-9 unit was dispatched into the drain, prompting Vereen to ascend towards awaiting deputies after being bitten.

Officers managed to get him out of the drain and took him into custody. Vereen has since been incarcerated at the Fayette County Jail, facing multiple charges.

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