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Huge Impact For Video Where Leaping Dog Knocks Dancing Influencer Into Pool

This is the viral moment a dog knocks a dancing influencer into a swimming pool.

The footage shows Hannah Stocking, who has over 25 million followers on Instagram and Lele Pons, who has over 53 million followers on the social media platform, dancing by a pool in figure-hugging dresses.

Lele can be seen wearing a grey dress with flesh-coloured patches over her boob and bum areas, while Hannah can be seen sporting a yellow dress with black lines that look like spider webs.

Out of nowhere, a dog appears, and it hits Hannah on the chest and sends her toppling backwards into the swimming pool as Lele and the people in the background gasp in shock and hold their hands to their faces.

The dog can then be seen jumping in after her as the footage ends.

Hannah shared the images on her Instagram, where they had notched up nearly 8 million views at the time of writing.

Dog pushes influencer into a pool in Los Angeles, California, undated. Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking danced on a rooftop. (@hannahstocking/CEN)

The clip was set to an extract from the song ‘Perra’, which means female dog in Spanish, by J Balvin and Tokischa.

The Spanish lyrics in the background can be heard blaring “soy una perra en calor” – ‘I am a dog in heat’.

South American media was quick to report on the hilarious clip, reminding readers that the highly successful influencers are pals with Brazilian pop star Anitta.

Hannah captions the funny clip: “The ONE time I go out”.

While Lele commented with a laughing emoji: “It’s the dog going in for me”.

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