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Daughter Shot Mum In Head Showing Her Gun ‘Wasn’t Loaded’

A daughter who shot her mum in the head as she tried to show that her gun was not loaded has been arrested by police in Texas.

Photo shows Crystal Lissette Mar after being arrested. The woman from Texas allegedly shot her 50-year-old mother in the head by accident. (Webb County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Astonishingly, her 50-year-old mother survived the shooting and was even able to dial the US emergency number 911 to get help.

Accused Crystal Lissette Mar, 19, had been fumbling to remove the handgun’s magazine at the family home in the city of Laredo in the US state of Texas.

And when she pulled the trigger to show it was empty, she apparently fired off a single round that had already been loaded into the chamber.

Medics, who took the mother to the Laredo Medical Center, found that she was “conscious and talkative” after the shooting.

Mar was later found by police two blocks away, still with the 40-calibre Smith and Wesson pistol on her and the magazine in her hand, according to local media.

She told police she had woken her mum at 3am to borrow her phone because she had left her own mobile in a friend’s car and wanted to call them to get it back.

Photo shows the house at 1400 block of Hibiscus Lane. Crystal Lissette Mar allegedly shot her 50-year-old mother in the head by accident. (Google Maps/Newsflash).

But when her mother spotted that her daughter had a gun in her purse she told Mar to get it out of her house.

It was when Mar was trying to show the gun was safe, that she shot her mother in the head, according to local media.

The mum, who has not been named, told the police she heard a “loud pop” and realised she had been shot and confirmed that the shooting had been an accident.

Mar told the police that she was not familiar with firearms and only removed the magazine to “show her mother there were no bullets” in the gun.

After removing the magazine, she “pressed the trigger”, with the gun then firing the one round remaining in the chamber.

Mar has been charged with aggravated assault of a family member with a deadly weapon.

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