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Hurricane Hilary Prompts Authorities To Declare Local Emergency

Authorities in a Californian city have declared a local emergency due to unprecedented rainfall and flooding of local roadways and at least one water rescue.

The city of Palm Springs has been ravaged by the sheer destructive force of Hurricane Hilary, forcing City Manager Scott C. Stiles to issue a state of emergency on 20th August.

The effects of the hurricane have been starkly felt across the city. The flooded roadways include Dinah Shore at the bridge connecting Palm Springs to Cathedral City, Farrell Drive between Mesquite Drive and Ramon Road, El Cielo at Mesquite Drive, Araby at the Wash, and Golf Club Drive at the wash.

Capt. Nathan Gunkel of the Palm Springs Fire Department confirmed the road closures, highlighting the extensive flooding in the area.

Additional road closures are in effect, with North Indian Canyon Drive, Gene Autry Trail, and Vista Chino Drive at the wash also off-limits.

Amid the challenging circumstances, the Palm Springs police and fire departments strongly advised residents to stay home and avoid driving.

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