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Couple Scoop USD 225,000 On Lotto Scratchcard In Coffee Break

An amazed couple have told how they snared a massive USD 225,000 lotto win during a coffee stop on a road trip.

Photo shows Kentucky couple Joselyn Bonilla and her husband, undated. She won $225,000 from a $10 scratch-off ticket. (Kentucky Lottery/Newsflash)

Pregnant Joselyn Bonilla and her husband bought the scratchcard when they stopped for a break during the 550-mile journey after visiting relatives in North Carolina, USA.

The couple, from the city of Louisville, Kentucky State, stopped at the Cave Run Lakemart convenience store in the city of Morehead and after buying coffee bought a USD 10 (GBP 8) Cash Double Doubler scratchcard on Monday, 13th November.

Back on the road, Joselyn scratched the ticket off, and saw a USD 6,000 [GBP 4,814] prize.

But as she carried on scratching she told her husband: “Hey, there’s USD 6,000 [GBP 4,814] on every spot!”

Her husband said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “We totaled it up, but it only came to USD 180,000 [GBP 144,444].”

But when they flipped the ticket to scratch off the back, they were stunned to uncover another USD 45,000 [GBP 36,111].

Photo shows Cave Run Lakemart in Morehead where Kentucky woman Joselyn Bonilla bought her ticket, undated. The woman won $225,000 from a $10 scratch-off ticket. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Joselyn said: “I couldn’t believe it. We checked it using the app, and there it was.”

Later that day, the couple went to Kentucky Lottery headquarters to collect the USD 225,000 [GBP 180,555] prize.

They received USD 160,875 (GBP 129,097) after state and federal taxes.

The couple said the cash would allow Joselyn to spend the rest of her pregnancy resting at home.

Her husband said: “We always look online to see what prizes are remaining when deciding on which one to buy.

“This time, we only bought one ticket.”

Lottery representatives revealed that the retailer will receive USD 2,250 [GBP 1,805] for selling the winning scratchcard.

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