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Mum Bought Son AUD 730,000 Winning Lotto Ticket For Big Day

A man who scored an AUD 730,000 fortune when his mum bought him a lotto ticket for his birthday has vowed to “spoil her rotten”.

Picture shows George Avenue Deli owner Lorna-Jane Anderson (left) and unidentified man, undated. A Whyalla Norrie man plans to shower his mum with love following his $730,000 win in X Lotto draw in Australia. (The Lott/Newsflash)

The winner, from Whyalla Norrie, South Australia, scooped the massive AUD 730,000 (GBP 382,117) jackpot in the country’s X Lotto on 7th October.

The unnamed man told The Lott lottery officials: “My mum bought me this ticket for my birthday last week.

“I rang her yesterday after calling The Lott and she didn’t believe me at all.

“I said to her, ‘Mum! It’s confirmed!’”

He explained how his mum then called him back to double-check and read all the numbers back to him.

The lucky winner said: “Once she read out all the winning numbers that were on my ticket, it hit her that I’d won AUD 730,000! There was a lot of back and forth.

“I’m going to help my mum and spoil her rotten – she’s my heartbeat, she’s everything to me.

“I wouldn’t have had a great birthday if it wasn’t for her, so I look forward to giving back to her.

“Thank you so much for this call.”

He told lottery bosses it was hard to keep his joy under wraps.

He said: “Honestly, I’ve been holding off getting excited until the money is in my account.”

The Lott officials said: “George Avenue Deli owner Lorna-Jane Anderson said she was ecstatic to hear a local man had come forward to claim the prize.”

She told them: “Wow! What wonderful news! We’re so happy to hear we had sold another division one winning entry in Saturday X Lotto.

“There’s no doubt the local community will be happy to hear another Whyalla Norrie customer has won big with a ticket purchased at our outlet. We will be sharing the winning news with everyone!

“We’ve sold many major lottery prizes in the past two years and in fact, almost a year ago we sold a top prize-winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket worth $100,000.

“We’re glad to hear the mystery winner has come forward to claim their prize and we wish him all the best with the win.”

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