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 Mum Seized After Abducting Her Eight Children

A mum in the USA has been arrested after she kidnapped her eight children from foster homes and smuggled them across the country to escape authorities.

Picture shows Trista Fullerton, undated. She was arrested for abducting her children in Arkansas, US. (@AndersonPoliceDept/Newsflash)

Trista Fullerton from the city of Rogers, Arkansas state, USA, and six of her eight children were found at around 12.30am in a parking lot in northern California state, on Saturday, 21st October.

Anderson Police Department (APD) officers were able to locate the 36-year-old mother and the children after a concerned citizen called them to report a woman ‘displaying bizarre behavior’.

They were reportedly inside a garbage-filled Dodge pickup truck with Arkansas license plates when police officers reached the place.

After cops identified Fullerton, they discovered that she had an active arrest warrant against her in her state.

The 36-year-old woman who has a criminal history including domestic battery charges, had also lost custody of the children before she abducted them.

She was apprehended at the scene and quizzed about the whereabouts of her two remaining children.

The Anderson Police Department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Officers learned that the children were located at a residence in the Cottonwood area, and requested the assistance of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office in locating them.

“Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office successfully located the children and transported them to our officers to coordinate with Shasta County Children and Family Services.

“A records check on the eight children revealed them to all be listed as abducted with protective custody warrants issued for their safety.”

Fullerton was transported and booked in Shasta County jail with no bond. It was not disclosed how much time she spent with the children following the alleged abduction.

The children were meanwhile released to Shasta County Children and Family Services for reunification with their guardians in Arkansas.

Cops said: “The Anderson Police Department would like to thank the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in this case, and thank the alert citizen who reported the incident.”

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