Cops Round Up Wild Bunch

This is the moment police in California show a pair of escaped goats they’re having nan of it.

The runaway pair broke out of their enclosure in Glendale and were causing chaos running in and out of the traffic.

So police chiefs sent a squad car in order to round up the wild bunch before they got hurt.

Video footage of the capture shows the nimble goats giving the two officers the runaround before they finally manage to slip makeshift lassos over their heads.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Glendale Police Department on 6th July, saying: “Some of you may have heard of ‘being on the lamb’…but this takes it to a WHOLE new level!

“When it comes to capturing who you are pursuing, these officers are the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).”

Police officers chase a goat in Glendale, Arizona, USA, Saturday, July 1, 2023. Body camera video from the officers captured the foot pursuit, showing the animals outrunning and getting away from officers time and time again. (Glendale Police Department/Newsflash)

The statement went on: “On Saturday, July 1, 2023, our officers received a call that there were two goats in the roadway near 80th Avenue and Glendale Avenue heading westbound.

“This was not only a hazard to the those commuting on the road but to the goats themselves.

“So our officers went out there and the chase was on!

“After a couple of near misses, the goats were safely taken into custody and returned to their grateful owners!”

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