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 Baby Colorado Bear Cub Rescued After Being Trapped In Dumpster

These images show a cute bear cub rescued from a massive dumpster in Colorado after it got trapped inside while looking for food.

The scared dumpster-diving bear can be seen in the footage growling nervously as its rescuers create a makeshift ladder for it to climb out of the dumpster.

They can be heard saying: “We gave you a way out, buddy!”

The rescuers then move away, giving the bear cub some space.

It can then be seen climbing the makeshift ladder, which appears to be a set of mattress springs, before climbing over the top of the dumpster, dropping down and making its way off into the woodland.

The heartwarming rescue took place just outside of Denver, in the US state of Colorado, over the weekend, police deputies said.

Photo shows a bear trapped in a dumpster in a community south of Denver. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials rescued the animal. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife/Newsflash)

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service on Tuesday, 18th July, saying: “This cub went searching for trash and got stuck.

“Fortunately, our wildlife officers and Douglas County deputies sprang into action, setting up ladders to facilitate its escape. Once free, the cub reunited with its mother.

“A heartwarming conclusion for this bear family, but the situation could have been rubbish. Don’t use open dumpsters, like this one, for food trash! Help keep our bears safe!”

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