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Dad Gunned Down Wife And Kids Because TV Was Too Loud

A man accused of shooting his wife and teenage daughter dead and wounding his son because the telly was too loud has been seized by police.

Photo shows Jose Alvarez after being arrested. The man from Chicago allegedly murdered his wife and daughter because the TV was too loud. (Cook County Sheriffs Office/Newsflash)

His 18-year-old escaped the bloodbath with a leg injury.

The Chicago Police Department said that Jose Alvarez, 67, has been accused of two counts of murder in the first degree, one count of attempted murder and aggravated battery from discharging a firearm.

He allegedly shot and killed his wife Karina Gonzalez, 48, and his 15-year-old daughter Daniela Alvarez just after midnight in the Little Village neighbourhood in Chicago, in the US state of Illinois on Monday, 3rd July.

Both the police and neighbours have reportedly said that the fatal shooting is believed to have started during an argument because the TV was too loud.

Witness Mike Lopez told local media that he heard about 15 gunshots coming from his neighbour’s home before seeing the 18-year-old son Jesus Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Alvarez. running down the street with a limp and hiding behind parked vehicles.

Lopez said that the armed accused could be heard shouting after his son: “Where are you? Where are you?”

Jose Alvarez then reportedly went back inside before more gunshots were heard.

Photo shows Karina Gonzalez (left) in a photo with her daughter (right) and son (center). The woman was murdered together with her daughter allegedly by Jose Alvarez. (GoFundMe/Newsflash)

Lopez said he told the terrified teenager that he could stay on his porch until the police arrived.

Cops responding to the scene found Daniela with a gunshot wound to the face.

She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where she was declared dead.

Karina’s body was found riddled with bullets. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Manny is currently in stable condition at Mount Sinai Hospital, according to the police.

The teenager’s family have started a GoFundMe campaign, saying: “We are the family of Jesus Emmanuel Alvarez [18 years old], known to family as Emmanuel or Manny, the survivor of a family tragedy on July 3rd, 2023.

“Surviving a violent domestic event with a leg wound and limited mobility, Emmanuel is unexpectedly grieving the loss of his beloved mother Karina Gonzalez [48 years old] and his sister Daniela Alvarez [15 years old].”

Photo shows flowers and candles for Karina Gonzalez and her daughter. They were murdered allegedly by Jose Alvarez. (GoFundMe/Newsflash)

At the time of writing it had raised over USD 18,400 (GBP 14,400) out of a USD 15,000 (GBP 11,750) goal.

Jose Alvarez was remanded in custody after being denied bond in court on Wednesday.

The investigation is ongoing.

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