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Police Save Woman Chained By Her Neck To The Floor

This is the shocking moment police rescue a woman who was chained to the floor and screaming at the top of her voice for help.

Officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department’s 2nd Division officers arrived to the scene after receiving a call from worried neighbours in Louisville, Kentucky at around 7:00pm on 16th August.

As soon as they arrived, officers, officers observed a woman in distress through the window of the second floor at a local residence.

They tried to enter from the front door but quickly learned it was barricaded.

Officers then used a ladder to climb up to the window and reach the woman.

They were shocked to find her chained to the floor, with her neck bound by a MasterLock secured with screws.

They broke the chain using a nearby hatchet and freed her.

The victim received prompt medical attention from Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department.

The suspect, identified as Moises May, 36, was arrested two days after the rescue.

The arrest followed a disturbing sequence of events wherein May allegedly imprisoned the woman – with whom he shares a child – in the house following a dispute that escalated into violence.

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