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 Seattle Officer Mocks Victim’s Death In Shocking Bodycam Footage

Newly-released body-cam footage from a tragic incident in Seattle, Washington that occurred in January, has sparked outrage as it reveals a police officer making disturbing comments about a young woman’s death.

The video captures Officer Daniel Auderer, the Seattle Police Guild’s vice president, joking callously about the incident in which 23-year-old grad student Jaahnavi Kandula was struck and killed by a police car driven by Officer Kevin Dave.

In the footage, Auderer can be heard laughing and downplaying the tragedy, stating that the victim had “limited value” and suggesting the city should simply “write a check.”

He also incorrectly stated the victim’s age as 26 when she was actually 23. These remarks were made during discussions about the accident investigation.

The Seattle Police Department has released this footage in the interest of transparency, but it remains under investigation by the Office of Police Accountability. The incident has raised concerns about the police department’s culture and its commitment to accountability, as emphasized by community groups.

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