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 Seville Man Faces Felony Charges for Neglect and Euthanization of Horses

Wayne Prevatt, a 65-year-old man from Seville, Ohio is facing serious felony charges of animal cruelty after his four horses were discovered in a severely neglected state, resulting in the euthanization of one mare that was too ill to save on the 27th of July 2023.

Volusia sheriff’s deputies found the horses in early July and promptly seized them with the homeowner’s consent.

The emaciated and lethargic condition of two mares, a tan Palomino and a brown and white paint, was evident, with their bones visibly protruding under their skin.

Two other horses in a separate pasture were slightly underweight.

The animals suffered from malnutrition and lacked essential medical care, including eye, dental, and hoof care.

Prevatt claimed financial hardship as the reason for their neglect, but investigations suggest the situation had been deteriorating for an extended period.

The horses have since received veterinary care at an undisclosed facility, although one mare had to be euthanized due to nonrecoverable injuries.

Wayne Prevatt faces multiple charges, including felony cruelty to animals and unlawful confinement/abandonment of animals.

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