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 ‘Sugar Bear’ Pimp Kept Sex Worker’s Severed Head In Freezer

A brutal pimp known as ‘Sugar Bear’ who kept a sex worker’s severed head in his freezer has admitted to killing her and to sex trafficking.

Picture shows Somorie Moses, undated. He allegedly killed a woman in his New York City apartment. (Newsflash)

Gruesome Somorie Moses, 47, also known as ‘Daddy’, first killed victim Leondra Foster before cutting off her head with a saw and a knife.

Then he hacked off her hands and feet to destroy her fingerprints and to remove a tattoo of his name ‘Somorie’ on one foot.

Moses kept her head, hands and feet in his freezer and dumped the rest of her body at a Bronx sanitation site, a court heard.

Foster, say prosecutors in New York, in the United States, was a victim of Moses’s violent sex trafficking.

The pimp admitted to her murder at their Brooklyn apartment in January 2017 and to sex trafficking eight women at a hearing on 15th September.

He is now facing a jail sentence of 15 years to life after his guilty plea, according to local media.

United States Attorney Breon Peace said: “With [Friday’s] guilty plea to every count in the indictment, Moses is held fully responsible for preying on women and girls, forcing them to become prostitutes, and then brutally murdering and dismembering one of his many victims.

Picture shows Somorie Moses, undated. He allegedly killed a woman in his New York City apartment. (Newsflash)

“While the defendant’s total admission of guilt cannot undo the terrible harm he has caused, we hope it will bring a measure of closure to his victims who suffered the defendant’s extreme cruelty and brutality and to the family of Ms. Foster.”

Moses was accused of coercing women and girls into prostitution since at least 2003 through violence, rape, torture, and threats.

The court heard how he snared them with promises of love and marriage but quickly forced them to become sex workers.

To ensure they did not disobey, he branded them with his name in a tattoo on their bodies.

Punishments were severe for anyone who disobeyed, said prosecutors.

Moses would start his punishments with agonising Taser sessions and beatings with a leather belt.

One victim had her arms and feet slashed with a razor, and Moses poured lemon juice on the wounds to cause even more pain.

Leondra Foster poses in undated photo. She was killed and dismembered in New York, US. (Newsflash)

Prosecutors said he put a shotgun in the mouth of another victim and threatened to pull the trigger when she said she wanted to quit.

James Smith, assistant director-in-charge of the FBI’s New York field office, said: “Moses exploited vulnerable women and robbed them of their freedom and dignity for his own personal gain, and even brutally robbed one woman of her life.”

During an earlier lower-level trial, Moses had first denied killing Foster, although he admitted he had been her pimp.

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